Puppet Designer | Maker | Puppeteer
Designers, Makers & Puppeteers | Katie Hart & Olivia Racionzer
Project Co-ordinator | Laura Martin
Directors | Jac Ifan Moore & Charlotte Lewis
Giant frog puppet that sat on the Cardiff Castle Animal Wall for the 'City of the Unexpected' weekend. It was animated in 20mins slots throughout the weekend, and when not puppeteered it sat on the wall as if it was one of the other animals.

The Animal wall remained one of my favourite items in the City of the Unexpected. 

For it all its splendid humour and beautiful delivery, there was something deeply moving about the image of a small fly sitting on the end of a giant frog's tongue.

Here, at this point of ultimate peril in a flies life - the worst of all conceivable circumstances -  the fly sat in the  cosiest of armchairs , a good read of books by her side. 

The confluence of emotions made me cry. 


Thank you. 

Nigel Jamieson.



Photos taken by myself


© Olivia Racionzer 2016

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