Over the past three years at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama I have developed a wide range of skills and applied them across a variety of mediums. I draw my inspiration from the natural world, experimenting with textures and materials to develop new techniques and finishes. My ability to think logically allows me to work successfully independently and as part of a team, maintaining a strong work ethic throughout.

My passion for making is what spurs my enthusiasm and creativity, something I bring to every project I embark on. I have spent the last year of the course specialising in puppetry, honing the relevant skills and making the most of every opportunity. I am fascinated by the idea of bringing something to life, which is why I have developed my skills as both a puppet maker and puppeteer. Understanding the nature of performance as a puppeteer means that I am forced to consider both the aesthetic and functional aspects of design.

I hope to continue evolving and learning as a puppet designer and maker.

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